Our whole aim with WGME is to help the development of women’s golf in this region. Our program is structured in such a way, as to take ladies from “learners of the game” into handicap players. The different stages include:

Stage 1

• Swing technique
• Short game technique
• Group and Individual Coaching

Stage 2

• Thursday morning Golf Group
• 9 Hole Golf Course
• Gain playing experience
• Learn the Rules and Etiquette
• Learn Golf Formats
• Learn pace of play
• Golf Equipment
• Leaning your Yardages

Stage 3

• Tuesday morning Golf Group
• Registration with the Emirates Golf Federation and gain Official Handicap
• Learning new formats of golf
• Gaining more experience
• Moving from 9 Holes to 18 Holes
• WGME membership and full schedule of events for the year.

Each stage is specifically designed to advance a new player, from learning the game into gaining an official handicap. Ladies are encouraged to move forward during their development and not get stuck on the driving range. There is so much to learn by playing the game as well as learning about technique. Our Thursday mornings offer an opportunity for beginners to take their practice out onto the golf course. Scoring is not important at this stage. The Tuesday’s are more structured events, and as our ladies advance from the Thursday mornings they will have enough confidence to start gaining their official handicap.

Lesson Costs

Individual Private 1 Hour AED 350
Individual Private (WGME Member) AED 320
Shared 1 Hour Lesson AED 175 each
Group Lesson 3 – 5 AED 150 each

VENUE: Jebel Ali Golf Resort and The Track – Meydan

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